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No one has a keener eye for detail or ear for dialogue than Anthony Weller, but best of all he has a real talent for guiding the narrative arc and shaping a story into something worth telling. With his knowledge of music, history, travel and art, his input is invaluable. – Donna Wolfe, author of No Excess Baggage

Books by Anthony Weller

The Land of Later On

""Wonderfully enticing and deeply, achingly moving. The charm is the charm of those happy black-and-white movies of long ago with, for example, Claude Rains as an angel or the charm of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.

"The other well-earned relation is to Dante's Divine Comedy (in Mr. Weller's book, Walt Whitman, rather than Virgil, is the guide). It's not a contradiction of these comparisons to say that the whole book is the work of Mr. Weller's inventive and generous mind.

"What would any human want of an afterlife? To enjoy the surface of the earth. To know what others have cherished music, books, THINGS of all kinds to speak all human languages. Above all, to go on loving. But Mr. Weller's afterlife is neither simple nor easy; good decisions still depend on courage and a passionate heart.
" – John Casey [National Book Award-winner]

The Garden of the PeacocksThe Garden of the Peacocks

"Passionate, mysterious, and magical, like its island setting. A wonderful debut." – Paul Theroux

"A first novel that does not read like one. Anthony Weller is a musician and an American explorer. In his writings he is at once adventurous and musical: his words are an outpost of fiction in the wild. His novel is darkly wise and rudely enjoyable. It is the best of reads." – G. Cabrera Infante

"Artists are not easy to invent convincingly. . . [yet the old man] is as willful, self-obsessed, and self-chastising as you could wish. . . There are rich descriptions of subtropical seascapes and of the light and shade of the islands. The atmosphere is palpable and effective . . . one should read it, like many other island tales in the history of literature, as a fable." – The New York Times

$22.95 - Hardback
$12.95 - Paperback

Days and Nights on the Grand Trunk RoadDays and Night on the Grand Trunk Road: Calcutta to Khyber

"Intrepid, perceptive, intelligent, and very funny, Anthony Weller is a superb navigator through the tides of life and history in India and Pakistan. His vivid eye, questing spirit and, above all, his graceful writing make this extraordinary journey into both violence and serenity a reader's delight." – Ronald Wright

"Stimulating and keenly observed." – Shashi Tharoor

"A wonderful, lyrical writer, Weller takes things as they come and delivers with thoughtfulness and style. Rich, engrossing detail . . . an absorbing, mind-boggling read." – Forbes

$24.95 - Hardback
$12.95 - Paperback

The Polish LoverThe Polish Lover

"The story of the Polish beauty is gripping, with overtones of the mysterious. It reads very well: the scenes in the dense atmosphere of late Communist-era Warsaw are excellent; the slow and then sudden deterioration of the relationship is well handled, with surprise and bitterness. The central character is wonderful . . . and of course the jazz scenes, the recording in the obsolete Warsaw studio. The writing about music is superb." – Josef Skvorecky

"An intelligent and well-written novel, slowly gripping the reader as the roads through Warsaw and Cracow become slicker, more fogbound, more difficult to navigate. At that point, we let go and let Weller guide us through." – North Shore

$22.95 - Hardback

The Siege of Salt Cove

"A gloriously strange novel, both whimsical and brooding." People

"Weller (The Garden of the Peacocks, etc.) spins a simple premise into gold in this delightfully written, darkly comic novel. Slipping easily between past, present and future, Weller adds a touch of magic realism as he allows several characters to speak from beyond the grave. While this all might sound confusing, it isn't. Weller is in complete control of his material, a master conductor creating a symphony out of what would have been, in lesser hands, a simple melody." – Publishers Weekly [starred review]

"What a delightful gathering of odd, irascible, eccentric, and often brilliant voices. Together, they project an ingenious, darkly comic montage of modern civilization on the microcosmic screen of Salt Cove, Massachusetts. Weller is a wonderfully strange and eclectic collector of shards, minutiae, systemic absurdities, insidious schemes. This book may remind you of writers like Vonnegut and Joseph Heller, but Weller's voices and vision are all his own." – Brad Watson

First into Nagasaki: The Censored Eyewitness Dispatches on Post-Atomic Japan and Its Prisoners of War

"Sixty years after their suppression by military censorship, a Pulitzer Prize correspondent's lost Nagasaki files remain potentially explosive. Working from smudged carbons, long presumed lost but found after his father's death at 95 three years ago, Anthony Weller has recreated, edited and annotated a body of reports that retain the capacity to shock the American public and foment controversy. They offer a grimly graphic picture of devastation . . . A stark confrontation, rich in evocative anecdotal material that recalls the war in the Pacific with amazing immediacy." – Kirkus [starred review; named one of the Best Books of 2006]

"A thrilling read. George Weller is a genuine correspondent, with letter-like intimacy that conveys respect for readers . . . And Anthony Weller's explications retain the old man's bulldog toughness and beautiful touch." – Anchorage Daily News

"A powerful set of historical documents . . . Anthony Weller's intelligent concluding essay provides the framework for his father's raw copy." – The Wall Street Journal

Weller's War: A Legendary Correspondent’s Saga of World War II on Five Continents

"Weller's War is a collection of stories great stories, written by a great correspondent. These tales of heroism, fear, loss, national dreams, and an international nightmare are some of the finest ever told. And this collection, annotated by the correspondent's son, Anthony Weller, secures the father's place among the most gifted storytellers ever born." – The Boston Globe

"[Weller] reported it all in an urbane, understated style that never palls. He had no sense of himself as a Great Journalist which perhaps is why he was one. This anthology, edited by his son, should give him the recognition his work merits." – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"The great power of Weller's reporting lies in his ability to convey a vivid sense of how the war felt to those fighting it and to those civilians caught up in its whirlwind. His eye for detail, his ability to let those he encounters tell their stories and his descriptive power bring all too alive the scary, messy, relentless, bloody business of warfare. His courage and sheer resilience were remarkable . . . We must hope there will always be such people with the skills and the spirit to tell the world the often tortured stories of itself." – Financial Times